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The Story Behind Grandpa Jimmy's Ice Hole Trap

As a veteran of the United States Air Force and an avid fisherman I spend a LOT of time fishing.

A couple years ago a fishing buddy was out fishing and while talking to him, he said he had caught 7 but 5 fish got back down the hole. The next day we were fishing together and my back was to him. I heard his chair go flying across the floor and he had his arm in the ice water trying, unsuccessfully, to recapture his fish. A couple days later I was in my neighbor’s house, an elderly fellow, and he was also losing some fish. I thought it would be nice if we could just close the hole when the fish was coming up. That is when I invented Grandpa Jimmy’s Ice Hole Trap.

I tested it for 2 seasons on lakes in the Alexandria area, Upper Red and Lake of the Woods. You can’t believe the excitement when the fish is coming up the hole and you close the trap. You will never lose a fish again and your arm will stay dry!

We hope you have as much fun fishing with our fish traps as we have. Grandpa Jimmy

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